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The perfect

right choice rules and profession success secrets

Go, look in a mirror
Go, look in a mirror

Please come to the mirror. Whom do you see in it? Whether you see housekeeper, employer, business woman, office manager, fitness club owner, multiple children mother, wife or housewife? No! You see a woman there, first of all. Therefore, you need «The Perfect Nanny» book. Why? Because it contains real treasure trove of secrets to make a house (no matter with your own or someone else's) the place, where both family and guests wish to return. It's better to be aware of such secrets even if being a Queen of England.

All the queens have always been taught little feminine tricks, including from embroidery to cooking in an adult way. That forced them to achieve professional skills. This is confirmed by the old newspapers, containing such notes like this: «Kaiser Wilhelm suddenly noticed that her eleven-year-old daughter was not interested in housework at all, that’s why he assigned a palace chef to teach her in the culinary art» (News of the Day 1911).

You may find this information in google by entering, for example, «charlotte dessert» story. The Internet will tell you that the famous apple pie is named after its author - Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of King George III. She composed a recipe and baked a pie just like the palace chefs. Alex (Alexandra Feodorovna, future Empress) presented her hand-made embroidered pouch to her groom Niki (the future Emperor Nicholas II).

Nastasia Rose's book «The Perfect Nanny» contains both unique recipes, which can’t be found on culinary websites, and original tips to care of VIP wardrobe to keep and maintain order. Besides it contains lots of other small things, which are extremely important to maintain appropriate climate at home.

Various tests will be a bonus. Do you like being tested? Theoretically the current tests are intended to assess and self-assess the hired au pair’s professional aptitude. Once gone through them, each reader learns some new and useful facts about herself, which may greatly complicate relationships with loved ones and relatives.


Read the statement, choose one available answer and mark it on the form to determine your sense of tact. Answer quickly without hesitation since the first answer is usually the most correct one.


  1. Your friend has got a new hairstyle and is interested in your opinion. But you think that such haircut does not suit her. How will you react?
    1. Praise the hairstyle.
    2. Say that such haircut does not suit her.
    3. Call the hairstyle unusual, but original.
  2. Your friend tells you that she bought a dress at a quite cheap price. You like it, of course. But you know a place, this thing costs three times cheaper. What will you do?
    1. Agree that the purchase is really profitable.
    2. Say that she failed and advise her to return this dress and never visit that shop again.
    3. Answer that this dress suits her very much.
  3. You are provided with a work plan, which seems unsuccessful. What will be your reaction?
    1. Say that such plan is good.
    2. Call it unsuccessful and propose your ones.
    3. Suggest your additions.
  4. You met a group of young people, who swear and smoke on the playground. What will you do?
    1. Be silent and step away.
    2. Scold them and threaten them with a fine.
    3. Ask them to stop swearing or smoking when the children are near of.
  5. Suddenly you notice, that the seller cheats you in the store. What will you do?
    1. You will think that it is better to avoid getting involved, and keep silent.
    2. Make a scandal.
    3. Politely tell the seller that he probably made a mistake and ask him to check the calculations.
  6. Someone is trying to get ahead of you out of line. What will you do?
    1. You will be outraged, but let him to.
    2. Express all your indignation to him.
    3. Calmly tell him to wait for his turn.
  7. A neighbor has come to you for tea and has been talking about her issues for three hours in a raw. It really annoys you and distracts you. What is your reaction?
    1. You will listen to her.
    2. You will say her to visit a psychologist.
    3. Answer that you sympathize and be sure to talk to her later. But now you need to get busy.
  8. Your friend is going wear a blouse and asks for your opinion. But you think it is not nice. What will you do?
    1. Be silent.
    2. Tell her to avoid wearing it, because the blouse has a very deep cut.
    3. Suggest something more appropriate for the occasion.
  9. You noticed that your friend accidentally stained her blouse with lipstick. How do you react?
    1. Keep quiet.
    2. Immediately tell her out loud, that she is dirty.
    3. Ask her to come out and tell her about the trouble in private.


Now count the answers sum in each line. Choose the one, having the maximum answers number.

You did not select answers for all items

If column А has the largest answers number.
You are a tactful person, but people can walk all over you. You often compromise your interests to please others and finally forget about your needs, while carefully considering other people's ones. You don't like conflict. That’s why sometimes you can be insincere to avoid people getting angry.

If column B has the largest answers number.
You need to learn being tactful. You like to tell the truth without thinking about others’ feelings. Such qualities may confuse and annoy people.

If column C has the largest answers number.
You are a tactful person. You manage to take care of both your interests and other people's feelings. Although sometimes people may get angry, if you meet a situation requires to defend your interests or the good of the cause. You are aware of the way to communicate delicately.

Fish nuggets recipe.

Ingredients: milk - 200 ml, perch fillet - 800 g, vegetable oil for deep fat; for batter: flour (not wheat!) - 5 tbsp. l. with a slide, starch - 5 tbsp. with a slide, 1⁄2 tsp. - salt, 1⁄2 tsp. - baking powder, cream - 1 tbsp., milk - 1 tbsp., mineral or carbonated water - 1 tbsp.

Batter preparation. Combine starch, flour, salt and baking powder in a bowl, add milk (or cream) and mineral water, mix until smooth. Put the batter in the refrigerator for thirty minutes.

Rinse the fish well, dry it with a paper napkin or towel, cut into small pieces (4х4 cm).

First, dip the fish pieces into the finished batter, then deep-fry the pieces in a saucepan while using hot oil or in a deep fryer until golden brown.

Hedgehogs in tomato sauce.

Ingredients: minced meat - 1 kg, rice - 1 glass, onions - 4 pcs., quail eggs, butter - 3-4 tbsp., carrots - 3 pcs., garlic - 2 teeth., tomato paste - 3 tbsp., flour - 3 tbsp., heavy cream - 1/2 tbsp.

Turn on the oven and heat to the temperature of 200° C. Rinse the rice while using boiling water. Combine the ingredients for making hedgehogs in a large bowl: minced meat, rice, two finely chopped onions, eggs, water and salt. Mix the minced meat well and form hedgehogs. Place them in a baking dish.

Sauce. Melt the butter in a frying pan. Then fry the diced onion (two onions) until it becomes soft and season with salt. Grate the carrots, add them to the onions and fry for five minutes (the carrots can also be slightly salted). Add minced garlic, tomato paste and flour. Fry, stirring occasionally, for about two minutes, then add a little water. Stir, cook for 15 minutes over medium-low heat, then remove from heat and add cream. Now stir, salt to taste.

Pour the sauce over the hedgehogs. Cover the dish with foil and bake for 40-50 minutes in an oven preheated to the temperature of 200° C.


«Telephones and keyboards. They should be wiped every day. It is better to use alcohol for this, because over 400 times more germs accumulate on such surfaces, than on a public toilet seat»

«We’ll find a lot of components in the ordinary dust composition, including fungi, plant fibers, food grains, insect scales and excrement, human and domestic animal skin particles, etc. Micro mites, one of the most aggressive household allergens, tend to live and breed in the current environment. They feel good in upholstered furniture, bedding, plush toys, carpets with thick pile and fabric curtains. Ticks die at frost weather at a temperature from -15 °C or in bright sunlight at a temperature of + 22 ° C. So, pillows, blankets and toys can be «disinfected» outside.

«Ink. Be sure to wash your hands after reading newspapers, since it contains lead. Never use newspaper when making a fire to avoid lead dust in the ash and air»

«Little children tend to put toys into their mouths. That’s why the toys must be boiled. Diarrhoea among little children may be caused by an intestinal infection, which has entered the body through the mouth from an infected surface, if a child started teething».


Different people’s temperaments, which are always taken into account in psychology, are associated with the dominant element, which controls a person, from astrology’s point of view. It can be determined by the date of birth, which falls into the zone of particular sign of zodiac. There are four elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water.

Fire: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Earth: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn.
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Note that some elements (characters) are perfectly combined with each other, while others are opposed. So, for example, Water is perfectly combined with the Earth, but does not mix with Air and evaporates (or boils) when contacting with Fire. It is possible to continue the analogy on the elements compatibility on own knowledge basis.


You belong to the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth signs of the zodiac, being mature elements representatives. All the previous signs are deemed younger than you. You have got more mature attitude towards life, compared to other signs. You know better how to understand people. You are able to get rid of some roughness in relationships, if having the right attitude, since each subsequent sign absorbs previous one’ experience».